Hello there! My name is Bianca Esposito and I am a writer, designer, and historic clothing enthusiast living in Denver Colorado. A long time fan of fashion and costume blogs, I started The Closet Historian in 2013 as a way to document my adventures in style, sewing, history, and travel.


As a child I dreamed of becoming a painter, but instead soon discovered the world of high fashion throught the pages of Vogue. I quickly became obsessed with Alexander McQueen and Christian Lacroix, and ended up switching from paintbrushes to a needle and thread. I went on to get my bachelors degree in Apparel Design & Production, and continue to design and construct the majority of my own wardrobe today.


Through my studies at university, I developed a passion for vintage clothing and historic dress. I have been making costumes and historic styled clothing since I very first learned how to sew. I guess I never grew out of dressing up, and I don't plan to! I have yet to create a fully accurate historic reproduction clothing project, but every year I learn more about historic dress to incorporate into my costuming and sewing projects.


I dream of traveling the world, visiting as many museums as I can, one day finally learning to speak French, and publishing my long-suffering novel. Here on The Closet Historian I share my sewing projects, forays into costume history, beauty tips, DIY's, travel logs, and other adventures with all of you. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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